Schlagwort-Archive: Thomas Glänzel


1-channel 16 mm loopinstallation. This installation is one of two works for my diploma exhibit. The second work is Auge. Here you can have a look on the diploma portfolio (German). This work analyses film-material and the speed of perception of the … read more


1- channel videoinstallation, projection on pneumatic object, 9:52 minutes loop. This installation is one of two works for my diploma exibithion. The second work is Film. Here you can have a look on the diploma portfolio (German). The Cinema, an extended model … read more

43.819 Frames

Photograms of 35mm filmreels on aluminium, 24cm x 30,5cm See another 16mm-film-installation: Film 2014 Purchase of Photography by the Collection of Land Lower Austria Vienna 2010

Split Second

Photoprint on aluminium, 165cm x 150cm, 3 parts Merle Weber, St. Pölten 200?

Final discussion

Philip Landau, Vienna 200?


Merle Weber, Vienna 200?


Digital photoprint on aluminium, 50cm x 70cm, framed. Exhibited at Brick 5, Vienna,  30. Juni – 9. Juli 2005 Vienna/Marseille, 2003/04

Subjektiv perception (of my room)

Vienna 2003

Over the rainbow – Remix

Remix of „Over the Rainbow“ by Harold Arlen and E. Y. Harburg, performed by Judy Garland. Setup: mp3 Player with RF sender, analog RF receiver, feedbackloops, Synthesizer, analogfilters Concept RSince radio waves are sent, they travelspread up into the deep into the … read more

Zuni raindance

Composed with Roland MC-303, slide projector installation and Tupper Box. Performed at the KLANGPROJEKTIONEN 4.6, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Orchesterstudio, 28.April 2007, 19:00h. Inspired by the Zuni Mythological raindance and spiritual tribal rituals. Slide projectors symbolises water (blue) and … read more


Intervention in public space. This abandoned Ford was parked beside a busy A-road in Vienna for several weeks. Once we decided to do a intervention with this object. In a night shift it was well covered with bushes, bound together with … read more

IKEA Caves

Intervention in public space. Two classic Ikea China-lamps equipped with solar gardenlamps where installed in the vaulted cellars of a pulled down house in Radlická. Lights switched on automaticly at dusk and off at dawn. Praha 2011

Survey Bench Markers

Intervention in public space. Land Survey Markers with geographic coordinate system impressed. Each Marker is corresponding with one of the end- and crosspoints of the typografic TOM. Vienna 2008


Site-specific installation with diaprojector. Lightinstallation at Sargfabrik (coffin-fabric) indoor swimmingpool. Masks used in slide projector directed on the surface of the water. Vienna 2006


Atari ST (Mega 2) with „animated“ fishes. Exhibited at Other Dimensons [n], Schikaneder Wien,  10. Juni 2010, 20:30h Vienna 2010


Found Footage Cinema Trailer Duration: 2:31 min Ratio: 1:1,85 35mm Dolby SR/DCP 5.1 This contemporary and fast piece of ultra-cinema is a scintillating found-footage appropriation. Trailer is a counterstrike against Hollywood-like commercial movies. The original footage included trailers from the 90’s … read more

Domino 16

16mm color with optical mono sound 3:22min @ 24fps and 4:30min @ 18fp The view from a moving car, objects outside begin to change. Points turn into lines and colors mix together, static forms start to flow. This film is … read more

T90 Strike

16mm color with optical mono sound 1:46min @ 24fps and 2:21min @ 18fps Planet Soccer, a satellite moves around the planet T90. 12 orbits are necessary to scan the whole planet. Enough time for a quick game. A scanned football Nike … read more


1080p, 2:09min Video footage (HD from NASA Tv) made for projection on 525m² in Viennas Drive-in Theater. Sound created by radio sender and receiver, circiut bendet devices, some voicesamples from original footage and David Bowie. Screenings: 2011 “fullframe” Drive-In Theater, … read more


1-channel videoinstallation, DV-PAL, 2:35min This video was created for a projection at the planetarium cupolar in Vienna, Austria. Screenings: 2009 “fullframe” Planetarium, Vienna 2008 „EIKON student (p)ages“ FLUSS, Wolkersdorf 2008 “fullframe” Gartenbaukino, Vienna Vienna 2008

E. I.

1-channel videoinstallation, DV-PAL, 6:53min This video was made for a projection inside of the planetarium cupolar in Vienna. Screenings: 2008 “fullframe” Planetarium, Vienna Vienna 2008

Flammarions world

1-chanal videoinstallation, DV-PAL, 2:17min This video was created for projection at the planetarium cupolar in Vienna, Austria. It is an abstraction of the famous „Flammarion woodcut“ from an anonymous artist, appearing in Camille Flammarion’s 1888 book L’atmosphère: météorologie populaire („The … read more

sraW ratS

Super 8 to DV-PAL (hybrid) 2:26min A collaboration with the slovak breakdance crew ‚The New Quattro‘ , a musician of eclectic hiphop beats ‚Karaoke Tundra‘ and a experimental filmmaker. It was produced in Trnava, the hiphop capital of Slovakia. Dancing … read more


Super 8 to DV-PAL (hybrid), 4:13min My very first film. Sound by Tomáš Karásek Screenings: 2008 „EIKON student (p)ages“ FLUSS, Wolkersdorf 2006 “fullframe” Schikanederkino , Vienna Vienna 2006

Vespa, on the road.

DV-PAL, 15:39min Driving my Vespa to university in the morning, and back home in the evening. A viennese road movie. Vienna 2007


2-channel installation with 16mm and digital projection, Expandet Cinema. The basic idear is to split up cinematographic setting in two parts. Thrown light and reflecting projection. Vienna 2010

Coldwater Selfportraits

#1 #2 1-channel Super 8 loopinstallation, projected on shower curtains Exhibited at Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, 18. Sept. 2010 Vienna 2009

Road Creator

5-channel loop videoinstallaton, each channel 1080p, 23:00min 1-channel screening version 4:57min This work documents the creation of a road through the woods, to make possible the cultivation of the woods. Cultivation is an important method for removing dying or broken trees, … read more


1- channel videoloop for TV and DVD-Player. This videoinstallation is a sample from a greater collection focused on media analysis. This video shows a typical principe of the DVD. Each single warning text is written on a different sector of … read more


1- channel videoloop for TV and DVD-Player. Exhibited at Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, 18. & 19. Nov. 2011 Vienna 2011