2-channel Expandet Cinema installation with 16mm and digital projection, Sony PSP as mediaplayer.

This installation not only compares two generations of film projection, it also splits up and twists a cinematographic standard setting into several fragments and new order. The analog one and the digital projection, light coming from the projection booth sent to the surface of the screen and reflecting to the eye of the audience. Thrown light and reflecting projection.

The analog channel shows the 16mm film Domino 16. The digital video is a reverse version of it, filmed into the objectiv of the projector while projecting this film. Both projection units runs frame-synced.

The face-to-face setup of both projection units generates a third virtual projection unite, perceived when audience is standing between both screens. The installation also allows the audience to walk around the machines and the screens, like removing all the walls and seats of the theater and projection booth. Repealing the strict face-to-screen situation, this Expandet Cinema installation openes the space to the recipient.

Thomas Glänzel

Thomas Glänzel

Vienna 2010

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