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Jammertal RGB

Experimental-Avantgarde-Film Duration: 9:00 minRatio: 1:1,3716mm B/W & Colour (Orwo UN54 SW, Fuji Eterna 400 Color)Optical Sound After making mainly cameraless films like found-footage or so called material-films, this film leads to the field of handcamera shot footage. With the inherent … read more


Screening version at Gartenbaukino. Found Footage Cinema Advertising Spot Duration: 1:47 min Ratio: 1:1,77 35mm Dolby SR/DCP 5.1 Werbung (Advertisement) and Trailer is a twinpair of found-footage made films which are part of my so called cinema-studies. This piece is … read more


Found Footage Cinema Trailer Duration: 2:31 min Ratio: 1:1,85 35mm Dolby SR/DCP 5.1 Trailer and Werbung (Advertisement) is a twinpair of found-footage made films which are part of my so called cinema-studies. This contemporary and fast piece of ultra-cinema is … read more

Domino 16

16mm color with optical mono sound 3:22min @ 24fps and 4:30min @ 18fp Domino 16 and T90 Strike is a twinpair of  handmade material films which are part of my so called material-studies. This film is the result of some … read more

T90 Strike

16mm color with optical mono sound 1:46min @ 24fps and 2:21min @ 18fps Planet Soccer, a satellite moves around the planet T90. 12 orbits are necessary to scan the whole planet. Enough time for a quick game. A scanned football Nike … read more


1080p, 2:09min Video footage (HD from NASA Tv) made for projection on 525m² in Viennas Drive-in Theater. Sound created by radio sender and receiver, circiut bendet devices, some voicesamples from original footage and David Bowie. Screenings: 2011 “fullframe” Drive-In Theater, … read more


1-channel videoinstallation, DV-PAL, 2:35min This video was created for a projection at the planetarium cupolar in Vienna, Austria. Screenings: 2009 “fullframe” Planetarium, Vienna 2008 „EIKON student (p)ages“ FLUSS, Wolkersdorf 2008 “fullframe” Gartenbaukino, Vienna Vienna 2008

E. I.

1-channel videoinstallation, DV-PAL, 6:53min This video was made for a projection inside of the planetarium cupolar in Vienna. Screenings: 2008 “fullframe” Planetarium, Vienna Vienna 2008

Flammarions world

1-chanal videoinstallation, DV-PAL, 2:17min This video was created for projection at the planetarium cupolar in Vienna, Austria. It is an abstraction of the famous „Flammarion woodcut“ from an anonymous artist, appearing in Camille Flammarion’s 1888 book L’atmosphère: météorologie populaire („The … read more

sraW ratS

Super 8 to DV-PAL (hybrid) 2:26min A collaboration with the slovak breakdance crew ‚The New Quattro‘ , a musician of eclectic hiphop beats ‚Karaoke Tundra‘ and a experimental filmmaker. It was produced in Trnava, the hiphop capital of Slovakia. Dancing … read more


Super 8 to DV-PAL (hybrid), 4:13min My very first film. Sound by Tomáš Karásek Screenings: 2008 „EIKON student (p)ages“ FLUSS, Wolkersdorf 2006 “fullframe” Schikanederkino , Vienna Vienna 2006

Video Sculptures

1-chanal videoinstallation, DV-PAL, 3:38min The second take with The New Quattro crew. Left image is a double-overlay with an old analog b/w CCTV camera and a DV-PAL camcorder. The right side is unfiltered. Dancing by The New Quattro Sound by Karaoke Tundra Performed … read more

Vespa, on the road.

DV-PAL, 15:39min Driving my Vespa to university in the morning, and back home in the evening. A viennese road movie. Vienna 2007