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Screening version at Gartenbaukino. Found Footage Cinema Advertising Spot Duration: 1:47 min Ratio: 1:1,77 35mm Dolby SR/DCP 5.1 This piece is all about cinema advertisements. Using the same code and the same language, a undercover counterstrike, the secret agent in … read more


Found Footage Cinema Trailer Duration: 2:31 min Ratio: 1:1,85 35mm Dolby SR/DCP 5.1 This contemporary and fast piece of ultra-cinema is a scintillating found-footage appropriation. Trailer is a counterstrike against Hollywood-like commercial movies. The original footage are various trailers from the … read more

Domino 16

16mm color with optical mono sound 3:22min @ 24fps and 4:30min @ 18fp The view out of a driving car, objects at the outer surrounding starts to change. Points turnes into lines and colors are mixing together, static forms starts … read more

T90 Strike

16mm color with optical mono sound 1:46min @ 24fps and 2:21min @ 18fps Planet Soccer, a satellite moves around the planet T90. 12 times the orbit are necessary to scan the whole planet. Enough time for a quick game. A scanned … read more


1080p, 2:09min Found footage video (HD from NASA Tv) made for projection on 525m² in Viennas Drive-in Theater. Sound was made by radio sender and receiver, circiut bendet devices, some voicesamples from original footage and David Bowie. Screenings: 2011 “fullframe” … read more


1-channel videoinstallation, DV-PAL, 2:35min This video was made for a projection inside of the planetarium cupolar in Vienna. Screenings: 2009 “fullframe” Planetarium, Vienna 2008 „EIKON student (p)ages“ FLUSS, Wolkersdorf 2008 “fullframe” Gartenbaukino, Vienna Vienna 2008

E. I.

1-channel videoinstallation, DV-PAL, 6:53min This video was made for a projection inside of the planetarium cupolar in Vienna. Screenings: 2008 “fullframe” Planetarium, Vienna Vienna 2008

Flammarions world

1-chanal videoinstallation, DV-PAL, 2:17min This video was made for a projection inside of the planetarium cupolar in vienna, austria. It is a abstraction of the famous „Flammarion woodcut“ from an anonym artist, appeared in Camille Flammarion’s 1888 book L’atmosphère: météorologie populaire … read more

sraW ratS

Super 8 to DV-PAL (hybrid) 2:26min A collaboration of the slovak breakdance crew ‚The New Quattro‘ , a musician of eclectic hiphop beats ‚Karaoke Tundra‘ and a experimental filmmaker. It was produced in Trnava, the hiphop city of Slovakia. Dancing … read more


Super 8 to DV-PAL (hybrid), 4:13min My very first film. Sound by Tomáš Karásek Screenings: 2008 „EIKON student (p)ages“ FLUSS, Wolkersdorf 2006 “fullframe” Schikanederkino , Vienna Vienna 2006

Video Sculptures

1-chanal videoinstallation, DV-PAL, 3:38min The second run together with The New Quattro crew. Left image is a double-overlay with an old analog b/w CCTV camera and a DV-PAL camcorder. The right side is unfiltered. Dancing by The New Quattro Sound by Karaoke Tundra … read more

Vespa, on the road.

DV-PAL, 15:39min Driving my Vespa to university in the morning, back home in the evening. A Vienna city road movie. Vienna 2007