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During two years working in a filmlab I did mainly scan 16mm & 35mm footage from various archives. There was no way around to do more of the photograms, which I used to develope years ago (see 43.819 Frames). Most … Weiterlesen

Deconstruction of a projection

A projection on the human body. The classical rigid and flat plane of projection is replaced by a three-dimensional living body. By the human body and its curves, shadow are generated in the light of the projection. They defining the outline of the … Weiterlesen

43.819 Frames

Photograms of 35mm filmreels on aluminium, 24cm x 30,5cm See another 16mm-film-installation: Film 2014 Purchase of Photography by the Collection of Land Lower Austria Vienna 2010

Split Second

Photoprint on aluminium, 165cm x 150cm, 3 parts Merle Weber, St. Pölten 200?

Final discussion

Philip Landau, Vienna 200?


Merle Weber, Vienna 200?


Digital photoprint on aluminium, 50cm x 70cm, framed. Exhibited at Brick 5, Vienna,  30. Juni – 9. Juli 2005 Vienna/Marseille, 2003/04

Subjektiv perception (of my room)

Vienna 2003