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Ghost Frames

When Thomas Glänzel restored a 16 mm black and white reversal film from the late 1950s he noticed that the splicing tape had become so dry that it popped off the celluloid. These chips of tape were very particular: As … read more


This series of filmograms is a project in cooperation with the Filmarchiv Austria. The films were taken from the FAA Laxenburg and exposed and developed in the laboratory of the former company, Synchrofilm. During the time I worked in the … read more

Deconstruction of a Projection

This photographic work is part of an installation called Deconstruction of a Placeholder. A projection on the naked human skin. The classic rigid, flat plane of projection is replaced by a three-dimensional living body. The human with its curves generates … read more

43.819 Frames

Five photgrams of various 35mm polyester film cinematic trailer and one of my found-footage film Trailer. While collecting, storing and sifing the footage for the Trailer, my focus felt on the texture of another face of the reel. Like in … read more

Field Service

Photo series shot with Rolleiflex SL35 and Ektacrome 100. For three years and three days I was working for Siemens Austria. My job was rollout and maintenance of GSM and 3G mobile networks. Inside the cities, base stations (sender) where … read more

Augen Blick – Split Second

Dedicated to my old friend, probably the person who influenced my life at most. In that summer I started photograpy, she pushed me to go the artistic way. Something I didn´t thought about that time. It´s the look, what photography … read more

Final Discussion

Two friends strolling through Vienna by night. Always the camera with me, spontaneous ideas and a open garage box. No plan at all, a improvised performance very close to a film scene. Vienna night crime. Philip Landau, Vienna 200?

Flakturm – Flak Tower

One of my first conceptual works in cooperation with Merle Weber. We had access to one of the infamous Flaktürme (Flak Towers) built by Nazi regime during WW II. We found an old hemp rope in one of the huge … read more

Day- and Nightwalks

Lazy afternoon and evening walks through the city, camera loaded nothing in our mind until we start spontainious interventions. Ektacrome 100 cross processing. Fowerpotting Stairwaying Alex Gruber, Vienna 2005


Exhibition HABITAT Are you a cat or a dove? An exhibition for life, six photo artists from different countries got together for a cultural project called “Habitat”. The photographers met through their art researches and friendship! Despite of different backgrounds … read more

Subjektiv perception (of my room)

On any bored evening I started to examinat my room in the flat-share I lived. Surprisingly there was a lot of static life going on there. Elephants, dogs and other undefined  creatures. Vienna 2003