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In the Shadow of the Sun

Installation with wax candle, small spotlight on tripot or any other mount, white wall Wikipedia: In the Shadow of the Sun is a 1981 fantasy short film directed by Derek Jarman. It consists of a series of Super 8 films … read more

Model 101

Analog version (2017): 1-channal 16mm loop in 2,66:1 anamorphic. Digital version (2013): 1-channel videoloop in 2k cinemascope. This work reflects a certain point of view about artificial intelligence. The text shows a scientific view and a cutout of the Terminator … read more

Deconstruction of a placeholder

  Because of the unusual and narrow dimensions situation of thee room, a conventional presentation of a picture is hardly impossible. Therefore, this installation works with the deconstruction of the image. A mirror as a deconstructor, a test-pattern as placeholder … read more


1-channel 16 mm loopinstallation. This installation is one of two works for my diploma exhibit. The second work is Auge. Here you can have a look on the diploma portfolio (German). This work analyses film-material and the speed of perception of the … read more


1- channel videoinstallation, projection on pneumatic object, 9:52 minutes loop. This installation is one of two works for my diploma exibithion. The second work is Film. Here you can have a look on the diploma portfolio (German). The Cinema, an extended model … read more


2-channel installation with 16mm and digital projection, Expandet Cinema. The basic idear is to split up cinematographic setting in two parts. Thrown light and reflecting projection. Vienna 2010

Coldwater Selfportraits

#1 #2 1-channel Super 8 loopinstallation, projected on shower curtains Exhibited at Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, 18. Sept. 2010 Vienna 2009

Road Creator

5-channel loop videoinstallaton, each channel 1080p, 23:00min 1-channel screening version 4:57min This work documents the creation of a road through the woods, to make possible the cultivation of the woods. Cultivation is an important method for removing dying or broken trees, … read more


1- channel videoloop for TV and DVD-Player. This videoinstallation is a sample from a greater collection focused on media analysis. This video shows a typical principe of the DVD. Each single warning text is written on a different sector of … read more


1- channel videoloop for TV and DVD-Player. Exhibited at Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, 18. & 19. Nov. 2011 Vienna 2011

Tupper Box

2-channel slide-projection, soundinstallation Object: Tupper Box , electronic circiut (controller) Vienna 2006