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In the Shadow of the Sun

Installation with wax candle, small spotlight on tripot or any other mount, white wall Wikipedia: In the Shadow of the Sun is a 1981 fantasy short film directed by Derek Jarman. It consists of a series of Super 8 films … read more


Site-specific 1-channel videoinstallation, 10:48min. looped, electrone tube TV, DVD player, active stereo speakers + sub-woofer. This video-installation was developed for the exibithion Zwischenwelten curated by Jeannin Jesch at the Bujatti-Villa in Vienna. This abandoned mansion was unused for almost 20 … read more

Model 101

Analog version (2017): 1-channal 16mm loop in 2,66:1 anamorphic. Digital version (2013): 1-channel videoloop in 2k cinemascope. This filminstallation is a 3D animated digital video, transfered to 16mm colour film. Model 101 is connecting both fileds of my cinema- and … read more

Deconstruction of a Placeholder

This installation was created for an invitation at fotoK, Vienna. Because of the unusual and narrow dimensions of the showroom, a conventional presentation of a picture is hardly impossible. Therefore, this installation works with the deconstruction of the image. A … read more


1-channel 16 mm loopinstallation. This installation is one of two works for my diploma at Transmediale Kunst, University for applied arts, Vienna. The second work is Auge. This is the theoretical part of my diploma: Portfolio (German). Film is based … read more


1- channel videoinstallation, projection on pneumatic object, 9:52 minutes loop. This installation is one of two works for my diploma at Transmediale Kunst, University for applied arts, Vienna. The second work is Film. This is the theoretical part of my … read more


2-channel Expandet Cinema installation with 16mm and digital projection, Sony PSP as mediaplayer. This installation not only compares two generations of film projection, it also splits up and twists a cinematographic standard setting into several fragments and new order. The … read more

Coldwater Selfportraits

#1 #2 1-channel Super 8 loopinstallation, projected on shower curtains Exhibited at Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, 18. Sept. 2010 Vienna 2009

Road Creator

5-channel loop videoinstallaton, each channel 1080p, 23:00min 1-channel screening version 4:57min This work documents the construction of a road through the woods, to make possible the cultivation of the woods. Cultivation is an important method for removing dying or broken trees, … read more


1- channel videoloop for TV and DVD-Player. This video installation is placed somewhere between my so called material-studies and  analog/digital-studies. Basically the stored data on a DVD are written in tracks or so-called sectors. Each single warning text is written … read more


1- channel videoloop for TV and DVD-Player. The footage of this video installation was shot on a demonstration in Vienna during the summer 2010. It was called Freeparade, the former FreeRePublic There was a massiv police presens around the Prison … read more

Tupper Box

2-channel slide-projection, DIY-controller in Tupper box. With a simple electronic circuit (microphone, bandpass-filter, relais) packed in a well designed tupper box,  two slide projectors are controlled by its own click-clack noise. Both projection channels overlay. One of my very first … read more