Model 101

Analog version (2017): 1-channal 16mm loop in 2,66:1 anamorphic.
Digital version (2013): 1-channel videoloop in 2k cinemascope.

This filminstallation is a 3D animated digital video, transfered to 16mm colour film. Model 101 is connecting both fileds of my cinema- and material-studies. The divergence between the look and grain of 16mm filmstock and the clean and high resolution animation somehow cought me attention.

The content reflects a certain point of view about artificial intelligence. The scrolling text contains a scientific position in opposite to a quote out of Terminator 2: Judgement Day film script. The cubistic 3D object is a model of the Terminator T-800 microcontroller showen in the cinema movie, dubbed with the main title theme.

In theory, the human brain can be simulated by a CPU. Supposing the memory is large enough and the necessary algorithms are known. If human consciousness is based on natural law known to us, it will be possible to interpret and calculate it. Emotions are controlled by hormones and experience correlating to existing sensor technology and algorithms. Future processors are designed for new patterns, e.g. based on DNA. The reproduction by the machine itself is possible. The soul is a religious view and is thus irrelevant.

John:      Can you learn? So you can be… you know. More human. Not such a dork all the time.

T-800:   My CPU is a neural-net processor… a learning computer. But Skynet presets the switch to “read-only” when we are sent out alone.

Sarah:     Doesn’t want you thinking too much, huh?
T-800:    No.
John:       Can we reset the switch?

24. 01. 2014 Custom Toy Show #2 @ U5undvierzig, Vienna

Vienna 2013 & 2017

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