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Intervention in public space. This abandoned Ford was parked beside a busy A-road in Vienna for several weeks. Once we decided to do a intervention with this object. In a night shift it was well covered with bushes, bound together with … read more

IKEA Caves

Intervention in public space. Two classic Ikea China-lamps equipped with solar gardenlamps where installed in the vaulted cellars of a pulled down house in Radlická. Lights switched on automaticly at dusk and off at dawn. Praha 2011

Survey Bench Markers

Intervention in public space. Land Survey Markers with geographic coordinate system impressed. Each Marker is corresponding with one of the end- and crosspoints of the typografic TOM. Vienna 2008


Site-specific installation with diaprojector. Lightinstallation at Sargfabrik (coffin-fabric) indoor swimmingpool. Masks used in slide projector directed on the surface of the water. Vienna 2006


Atari ST (Mega 2) with „animated“ fishes. Exhibited at Other Dimensons [n], Schikaneder Wien,  10. Juni 2010, 20:30h Vienna 2010