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Site-specific 1-channel videoinstallation, 10:48min. looped, electrone tube TV, DVD player, active stereo speakers + sub-woofer. This video-installation was developed for the exibithion Zwischenwelten curated by Jeannin Jesch at the Bujatti-Villa in Vienna. This abandoned mansion was unused for almost 20 … read more


Intervention in public space. This abandoned Ford was parked beside a busy A-road at Margaretengürtel in Vienna for several weeks during summer 2010. In response we decided to do an intervention with this object, since no one seems to care … read more

IKEA Caves

Intervention in public space. Two classic IKEA China-lamps equipped with solar garden lamps where installed in the vaulted cellars of a pulled down house in Radlická, Praha. Lights switched on automatically at dusk and off at dawn. During my foreign … read more

Survey Bench Markers

Intervention in public space, survey bench marks made of stainless steel. This work connects the fields of typography, mapping and public art. TOM – System in a system, in a system. Survey bench marks defines certain places in space. They … read more


Site-specific light-installation with slide-projector. Light-installation at Sargfabrik (former coffin-fabric) indoor swimmingpool. Opaque masks used with a slide projector to shape the light, fitting the architecture. Directed on the wavy surface of the water, light reflects in certain directions. The projection … read more