Road Creator

5-channel loop videoinstallaton, each channel 1080p, 23:00min
1-channel screening version 4:57min

This work documents the creation of a road trough the woods, to make it possible to cultivate the woods. Cultivating them is a very important method to cut out dying trees or broken ones after storms. Also the production of wood is an important part, cutting the old trees and planting new ones in time. I do work every summer for a while as a woodmen-helper. I filmed this work in 2010 in Annberg/Austria, one of the places with highest wood-density in Austrian Alps. It documents in an abstract way and in five different views the sensible work of the excavator, pulling the cutted trees, removing the stumps. It also put the focus on the men-machine-nature triangle.

2013 „WALDflimmern“ at Top Kino, Vienna

Annaberg 2010

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