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Site-specific 1-canal-videoinstallation, 10:48min. looped, electrone tube TV, DVD player, active stereo speakers + sub-woofer This video-installation was developed for the exibithion „Zwischenwelten“ curated by Jeannin Jesch at the Bujatti-Villa in Vienna. This abandoned mansion was unused for almost 20 years. … read more

Deconstruction of a placeholder

  Because of the unusual and narrow dimensions situation of thee room, a conventional presentation of a picture is hardly impossible. Therefore, this installation works with the deconstruction of the image. A mirror as a deconstructor, a test-pattern as placeholder … read more


1-channel 16 mm loopinstallation. This installation is one of two works for my diploma exhibit. The second work is Auge. Here you can have a look on the diploma portfolio (German). This work analyses film-material and the speed of perception of the … read more


1- channel videoinstallation, projection on pneumatic object, 9:52 minutes loop. This installation is one of two works for my diploma exibithion. The second work is Film. Here you can have a look on the diploma portfolio (German). The Cinema, an extended model … read more


Atari ST (Mega 2) with „animated“ fishes. Exhibited at Other Dimensons [n], Schikaneder Wien,  10. Juni 2010, 20:30h Vienna 2010


1-channel videoinstallation, DV-PAL, 2:35min This video was created for a projection at the planetarium cupolar in Vienna, Austria. Screenings: 2009 “fullframe” Planetarium, Vienna 2008 „EIKON student (p)ages“ FLUSS, Wolkersdorf 2008 “fullframe” Gartenbaukino, Vienna Vienna 2008

E. I.

1-channel videoinstallation, DV-PAL, 6:53min This video was made for a projection inside of the planetarium cupolar in Vienna. Screenings: 2008 “fullframe” Planetarium, Vienna Vienna 2008

Flammarions world

1-chanal videoinstallation, DV-PAL, 2:17min This video was created for projection at the planetarium cupolar in Vienna, Austria. It is an abstraction of the famous „Flammarion woodcut“ from an anonymous artist, appearing in Camille Flammarion’s 1888 book L’atmosphère: météorologie populaire („The … read more

Video Sculptures

1-chanal videoinstallation, DV-PAL, 3:38min The second take with The New Quattro crew. Left image is a double-overlay with an old analog b/w CCTV camera and a DV-PAL camcorder. The right side is unfiltered. Dancing by The New Quattro Sound by Karaoke Tundra Performed … read more


2-channel installation with 16mm and digital projection, Expandet Cinema. The basic idear is to split up cinematographic setting in two parts. Thrown light and reflecting projection. Vienna 2010

Road Creator

5-channel loop videoinstallaton, each channel 1080p, 23:00min 1-channel screening version 4:57min This work documents the creation of a road through the woods, to make possible the cultivation of the woods. Cultivation is an important method for removing dying or broken trees, … read more


1- channel videoloop for TV and DVD-Player. This videoinstallation is a sample from a greater collection focused on media analysis. This video shows a typical principe of the DVD. Each single warning text is written on a different sector of … read more


1- channel videoloop for TV and DVD-Player. Exhibited at Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, 18. & 19. Nov. 2011 Vienna 2011

Tupper Box

2-channel slide-projection, soundinstallation Object: Tupper Box , electronic circiut (controller) Vienna 2006