1-channel 16 mm loopinstallation.

This installation is one of two works for my diploma at Transmediale Kunst, University for applied arts, Vienna.

The second work is Auge. This is the theoretical part of my diploma: Portfolio (German).

Film is based on the photographic works 43.819 Frames and Filmograms. It analyses film-material, the speed of perception of the human and optical illusions. Through the rotation speed of the animation and the patterns of projected image, the projection starts to generate the so called wagon-wheel effect. Because of the differen grays in layers, a certain 3D effect overlays all this.

The showen image is the view through a reel of 35mm film. Unlike the film projection light flux does not pass the cadre, but through the rolled film spool. The perforation of the film refracts light. It closes the circle of projection and reception: a 16 mm film in the loop.

Heiligenkreuterhof, Vienna:

Thomas Glänzel Thomas Glänzel Thomas Glänzel
Thomas Glänzel Thomas Glänzel Thomas Glänzel

TIE – AM, Colorado Springs:

Thomas Glänzel Thomas Glänzel Thomas Glänzel


2013 “TIE – AM: an investigation of artist-run film labs” – Colorado Springs/USA
2012 “fullframe” mumok kino, Vienna
2012 Diploma Exhibition, Heiligenkreuzer Hof, Vienna

Vienna 2012

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