Schlagwort-Archive: 16mm

Jammertal RGB

Experimental-Avantgarde-Film Duration: 9:00 minRatio: 1:1,3716mm B/W & Colour (Orwo UN54 SW, Fuji Eterna 400 Color)Optical Sound This film leads to the field of handcamera shot footage, with the inherent focus on the aesthetic aspects of analogue film, but this time … read more


This series of filmograms is a project in cooperation with the Filmarchiv Austria. The films were taken from the FAA Laxenburg and exposed and developed in the laboratory of the former company, Synchrofilm. During the two years I workeding in … read more


1-channel 16 mm loopinstallation. This installation is one of two works for my diploma exhibit. The second work is Auge. Here you can have a look on the diploma portfolio (German). This work analyses film-material and the speed of perception of the … read more

Domino 16

16mm color with optical mono sound 3:22min @ 24fps and 4:30min @ 18fp The view from a moving car, objects outside begin to change. Points turn into lines and colors mix together, static forms start to flow. This film is … read more

T90 Strike

16mm color with optical mono sound 1:46min @ 24fps and 2:21min @ 18fps Planet Soccer, a satellite moves around the planet T90. 12 orbits are necessary to scan the whole planet. Enough time for a quick game. A scanned football Nike … read more


2-channel installation with 16mm and digital projection, Expandet Cinema. The basic idear is to split up cinematographic setting in two parts. Thrown light and reflecting projection. Vienna 2010