Schlagwort-Archive: 16mm

Jammertal RGB

Duration: 9:00 minRatio: 1:1,3716mm B/W & Colour (Orwo UN54 SW, Fuji Eterna 400 Color)Optical Sound After making mainly cameraless films like found-footage or so called material-films, this film leads to the field of handcamera shot footage. With the inherent focus … read more

Ghost Frames

When Thomas Glänzel restored a 16 mm black and white reversal film from the late 1950s he noticed that the splicing tape had become so dry that it popped off the celluloid. These chips of tape were very particular: As … read more


This series of filmograms is a project in cooperation with the Filmarchiv Austria. The films were taken from the FAA Laxenburg and exposed and developed in the laboratory of the former company, Synchrofilm. During the time I worked in the … read more


1-channel 16 mm loopinstallation. This installation is one of two works for my diploma at Transmediale Kunst, University for applied arts, Vienna. The second work is Auge. This is the theoretical part of my diploma: Portfolio (German). Film is based … read more

Domino 16

16mm color with optical mono sound 3:22min @ 24fps and 4:30min @ 18fp Domino 16 and T90 STRIKE is a twinpair of  handmade material films which are part of my so called material-studies. This film is the result of some … read more


16mm color with optical mono sound 1:46min @ 24fps and 2:21min @ 18fps T90 STRIKE and Domino 16 is a twinpair of  handmade material films which are part of my so called material-studies. That time I had no moviecamera but … read more


2-channel Expandet Cinema installation with 16mm and digital projection, Sony PSP as mediaplayer. This installation not only compares two generations of film projection, it also splits up and twists a cinematographic standard setting into several fragments and new order. The … read more