16mm color with optical mono sound
1:46min @ 24fps and 2:21min @ 18fps

T90 STRIKE and Domino 16 is a twinpair of  handmade material films which are part of my so called material-studies.

That time I had no moviecamera but my thoughts, questions and idears dropped deep enough into the materiality of film/celluloid. I put my focus on cameraless filmtechniques, formal influenced by popart grafics with its protruding offset print look.

For this process I simply prepaired the frames in photoshop and Xerox-printed them as a negativ on overhead-foil. Dry-splicing this stripes on 16mm glasfilm and it´s all ready for the filmlab. The optical track is corresponding to the image. Due to the upscaling of the projected film, every printed dot appear clearly in each of the base colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) appear clearly. Analog film with digital fingerprint.

Related work to the analog/digital-studies: Model 101, 16:PAL

Planet Soccer, a satellite moves around the planet T90. 12 orbits are necessary to scan the whole planet. Enough time for a quick game. A scanned football Nike T90 Strike mounted on 16mm clearfilm.

Thomas Glänzel

Vienna 2010

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