43.819 Frames

Five photgrams of various 35mm polyester film cinematic trailer and one of my found-footage film Trailer.

While collecting, storing and sifing the footage for the Trailer, my focus felt on the texture of another face of the reel. Like in the cinematic projection but turning the lightaxis 90° over to project light through the side of the reel, showed a very unique face of each role of polyester film.

A mesmerizing light and dark pattern of the perforation apperard, seperated tracks showing the different brands of filmstock. All colour-positiv but all different. The appearing filmeye catched my attention and never let me go.

Through the photographic technique of the Photogramm, I made contactprints of each of the selected film reels. Every single print of each reel is different and each had direct contact to the celluloid.

Further thoughts on this filmeyes brought me to the developement of a 16mm animation film. The result is a 1-channel film installtion simply called Film.

Thomas Glänzel Thomas Glänzel Thomas Glänzel
Thomas Glänzel Thomas Glänzel Thomas Glänzel

Photograms of 35mm filmreels on aluminium, 24cm x 30,5cm

2014 Purchase of Photography by the Collection of Land Lower Austria

2011 „Auf der Schwelle“, University f. applied Art, Vienna

Vienna 2010

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