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This series of filmograms is a project in cooperation with the Filmarchiv Austria. The films were taken from the FAA Laxenburg and exposed and developed in the laboratory of the former company, Synchrofilm. During the two years I workeding in … read more

43.819 Frames

Photograms of 35mm filmreels on aluminium, 24cm x 30,5cm See another 16mm-film-installation: Film 2014 Purchase of Photography by the Collection of Land Lower Austria Vienna 2010


Screening version at Gartenbaukino. Found Footage Cinema Advertising Spot Duration: 1:47 min Ratio: 1:1,77 35mm Dolby SR/DCP 5.1 This piece is all about cinema advertisements. Using the same code and the same language, a undercover counterstrike, the secret agent in … read more


Found Footage Cinema Trailer Duration: 2:31 min Ratio: 1:1,85 35mm Dolby SR/DCP 5.1 This contemporary and fast piece of ultra-cinema is a scintillating found-footage appropriation. Trailer is a counterstrike against Hollywood-like commercial movies. The original footage included trailers from the 90’s … read more