Domino 16

16mm color with optical mono sound
3:22min @ 24fps and 4:30min @ 18fp

The view out of a driving car, objects at the outer surrounding starts to change. Points turnes into lines and colors are mixing together, static forms starts to flow. This film is an analog projection with digital structures, a complex composition of stripes, points and boosted pixels.

Thomas Glänzel

2016 „Atrabilious – Amsterdam Experimental Film Festival“ Filmhuis Cavia, Amsterdam
2010 „An Alternative Genealogy of Avant-Garde Film“ Worm, Rotterdam
2010 „AnaDoma 2“ FilmVideoFest, Braunschweig, Germany
2009 „film:riss“ Festival der studentischen Filmkultur, Salzburg
2009 „fullframe“ Gartenbaukino, Vienna

Vienna 2008/2009

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