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Survey Bench Markers

Intervention in public space. Land Survey Markers with geographic coordinate system impressed. Each Marker is corresponding with one of the end- and crosspoints of the typografic TOM. Vienna 2008


Site-specific installation with diaprojector. Lightinstallation at Sargfabrik (coffin-fabric) indoor swimmingpool. Masks used in slide projector directed on the surface of the water. Vienna 2006


1080p, 2:09min Video footage (HD from NASA Tv) made for projection on 525m² in Viennas Drive-in Theater. Sound created by radio sender and receiver, circiut bendet devices, some voicesamples from original footage and David Bowie. Screenings: 2011 “fullframe” Drive-In Theater, … read more

Vespa, on the road.

DV-PAL, 15:39min Driving my Vespa to university in the morning, and back home in the evening. A viennese road movie. Vienna 2007