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sraW ratS

Super 8 to DV-PAL (hybrid) 2:26min sraW ratS and Video Sculptures are two works in collaboration with the slovak breakdance crew The New Quattro and an musician of eclectic hiphop beats, Karaoke Tundra. This film was produced in Trnava, the … read more


Super 8 to DV-PAL (hybrid), 4:13min eMotion is my very first film. Shot on Super 8 with some friends at the playground in Arenbergpark beside the Flakturm (Flak-Tower) in Vienna. It was the big Merry-Go-Round, simular to a turntable, what … read more

Coldwater Selfportraits

#1 #2 1-channel Super 8 loopinstallation, projected on shower curtains Exhibited at Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, 18. Sept. 2010 Vienna 2009